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A tough Lesson in Pitching

After launching my first project some weeks ago I try to get more people to use so naturally I tell many people about it and ask them to give me feedback.

(Sidenote: I hope that by directly asking for feedback I give them the feeling of having an impact on the result - which they do - in order to engage them as much as possible with

Today we had a rehearsal with one of my bands (I play drums) and afterwards when we were done discussing the logisticts of tomorrows gig I pitched them on roughly this way:

You know what, some weeks ago I launched my first project. It's about creating wish lists but in fact you can create lists for anything you want.

The Reaction

...was interesting.
The two of them (both high school teachers) started laughing. Not because I pitched them, but as they told me right away because for them creating lists sounded like nothing anyone would create a website for and even tell his friends about it.

They said that for sure this would be an awesome project, but the way I told them about it, did not get them interested into the product. At all. (They actually expressed it a lot more directly)

In my mind I started getting defensive by preparing arguments why this still is awesome but then I realized that 1) they were still laughing heartily and wouldn't want hear my arguments and 2) they were actually right.

The Lesson

Damnit, sometimes I hate it when people are right.
I really have to work on that pitch a bit. How to get the important aspects across in the least amount of words. Most importantly I need to define what the benefits of using are.

Expressing such things concisely is not an easy task, I guess...


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